Episode 15 – Toxic Masculinity

Aug 14, 2018

How can we understand the superficial label assigned to masculine behavior in today’s meme-driven style of discourse?


Here’s the dream we analyze: I am walking on what seems to be mountainous hills. A little ahead of me is what feels like my teenage daughter and a friend. It’s kind of like twilight. Then I see a giant size footprint on the hillside. Huge, like a natural wonder-of-the-world type of site. I point at it like the way one does when one sees something pretty or interesting on holidays. Then I take a photo.”


  1. Kirsty

    ‘people judge when they are too lazy to think. ‘…. i found this a bizarre notion. i looked up to try to find out more about it. (thinking vigorously all the while as i would not to be judged as lazy…! ) I found this , http://absentofi.org/2015/10/quote-thinking-is-difficult-thats-why-most-people-judge/ which resonated more for me. More about ‘feeling being difficult’. Correct judgements can also be – amazing. liberating and life saving. (Not lazy!!) . Obviously all context related in which my comment fails apart from just – reacting to hearing that in this podcast and wanting to question it. Loving the podcast by the way. Thank you very much!!

    • Lisa, Deb & Joe

      Hi Kristy,
      In a Jungian context, judging is seen as simply deciding if something is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ – this can often be based on what one is familiar with or ‘likes’ for reasons that are deeply unconscious. Jung’s suggestion that ‘thinking’ about something is harder is based on his experience of thoroughly investigating objective and subjective information about a topic before taking a position and a related action.

      Thanks for caring about the podcast and topic. We welcome your comments 🙂
      Lisa, Deb & Joe


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