Episode 14 — Dreams

Aug 14, 2018

Jung was one of the primary theorists who added to our understanding of the psychological significance of dreams, and working with dreams is often a central part of an analytic process. What is the Jungian understanding of why we dream? What does it mean if we don’t dream, and what are some ways of learning to work with dreams? We discuss things one can do to help with dream recall, and ponder whether we dream all day long, even when awake. We also talk about the nature of symbols in dreams and dream series.
Here’s the dream we analyze: I ran into a male friend who I have not seen for a few years in the lobby of a ridiculously high-end hotel. I was wearing only a towel. He asked me to join him in his room, which was called “the mermaid aquarium,” along with a female friend of his who was already in the room. Somewhere along the line in the hotel lobby he bought me orange-scented perfume. I found his room. I just remember entering the room and seeing two nude women lying on the bed wearing exotic jewelry.”

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  1. Ana Domingos

    Great podcast episode! I was silently participating in the dream interpretation while sitting in the library chair, thinking of the things I would have said if I were part of the team. 😀 I have been doing dream journals since I was a teenager and that helped me to develop a deep and meaningful relationship with my dream messages, understand myself more, and learn about symbolism.
    Keep rocking!
    Ana D.


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