Episode 16 – The Archetype of the Gun

Aug 14, 2018


As three analysts, we explore the archetype of “the gun” from a Jungian psychological view and seek to understand it’s influence in the collective psyche of Americans. Guns play a big role in American mythology from the American Revolution to cowboys and first-person shooter games. Guns are symbols of heroic power—but mythology also sounds a cautionary note about what can happen when humans arrogate super-human power to themselves.

Here’s the dream we analyze: When I was a child, around ages 7 to 8, I would dream that my bedroom was covered in lizards. I’d wake up and jump to the floor, run to my parents’ bed, and climb in between them. Sweating, I’d look up to see the eye of a red dragon. Suddenly I was in an old-time saloon and the dragon would just be staring at me. That ‘s all there was to it, but it was repetitive.”


  1. DoubleDouble

    Coming right off of Episode 15, “toxic masculinity” – I’m wondering if people are much more afraid of guns now because of their aggressive, and possibly extremely final, results. We had said that sometimes aggression is necessary to protect life in the last episode, and I can’t help but wonder if that view is now being relegated to a past myth that might not be in service to today’s society in this episode.

  2. Eriden Shenefield

    Funny that you mention specifically shooter games when discussing the archetype of the gun, as there’s a gamed called Control that includes the perfect archetype of a gun- Called the Service Weapon, a supernatural gun with the ability to shapeshift- As part of its core gameplay and lore!


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