Episode 49 – Dietary Over-regulation and the Pursuit of Purity

Mar 7, 2019


Preoccupation and obsession with food–a condition called orthorexia–can take the form of the quest for health and purity, with rigid rules about food categories, such as the need for all-organic ingredients or omitting food groups such as dairy, sugar, and gluten in the absence of identified physiological intolerances. This overall effort to banish anxiety can take the form of an implicit bargain (eating “right” guarantees health), a strong need for ego control, elitism, specific community values, and banishing shadow by projecting it onto “bad” foods. The person may be also be seeking connection with the archetypal, or religious realm that has become concretized around food.

Here’s the dream we discuss:

“I am in a large multilevel food court in a mall which is very empty. I’m carrying a tray of food and I’m looking for my mom who I know is somewhere in the food court and I want to sit and eat with her. As I walk through the food court I become distracted looking at the food stalls. One stall, in particular, catches my attention, through a window behind the service counter I see a bustling kitchen scene, many chefs cooking, lots of steam and smoke and fire leaping into the air. I want to eat the food from this stall. As I’m looking through the window at the kitchen, I realize the window is a TV screen and the kitchen scene is just a video. I awake.”

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