Best of This Jungian Life 2022

Jan 5, 2023

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New Year is a global time of celebration and self-reflection. We let go of what’s worn out and cheer on what’s new and emergent. Here at TJL, we raised our glasses in gratitude. We crested 8 million downloads, implemented major enhancements to your Dream School experience, started crafting our first book, The Key Dreams, and expanded our creative team. It’s been a year of dynamic growth, and we couldn’t have done it without you! Our mission to share Jung’s life-enhancing wisdom is advancing through your patronage, soulful participation, and kind-hearted enthusiasm.

Your experiences are important to us, and we noticed the 2022 episodes you liked best. So, to honor that, we’re sharing some gems from those conversations.

In Reality as Medicine, we explore the task of adapting to the truths of our inner and outer worlds.

In Vocation: Answering the Call, we deepen Jung’s comment, “In the final analysis, we count for something only because of the essential we embody, and if we do not embody that, life is wasted.”

In Amor Fati: Love of One’s Fate, we discuss the transformational shift that occurs when we embrace our fate and say the great “YES!” to our lives. 

In Forgiveness or Fury: Finding a Way Forward, we offer a psychological definition of forgiveness and suggest that we can accept apology and remorse—if it’s accompanied by introspection and greater self-understanding. We clarify that forgiveness is less about the other than self-liberation from the victim paradigm.

When Jungian analyst Donald Kalsched joined us, we discussed Trauma and the Informed Heart. Don’s wisdom, depth of understanding, and kindness move all of us.

Connie Zweig led us through a profound exploration of The Inner Work of Age: Shifting from Role to Soul. She lifted up the archetypal transition from Hero to Elder or role to soul. We learned this begins by releasing the ego’s over-identification with doing and reorienting toward the transpersonal center Jung called the Self.


Donald Kalsched

Connie Zweig


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  1. simcha

    Dear TJL,

    I really enjoyed this format – next year it might be interesting to know what your favourite podcasts were. Or if you were surprised by the reactions to podcasts.


    • Robert

      I loved parts of the Episode 247, my first time here. I have been working with a therapist who put me on to Jung and his writings. I have been seeking help finding purpose at age 71. This did help me and will be listening more. Thanks.

  2. Joan Michelson

    The show notes here do not show up. They must be in white, because when I highlight them, they do show up and paste on another document. You might want to look at that.

    Thanks! Fascinating stuff – do you have any that relate to how people see or respond to climate change?

      • Joan Michelson

        Thanks, Joseph! (Love your voice, by the way). I have a friend who wants a transcript of the TJL “Best of 2022” episode. I don’t see one here, though I usually see the option for one on most podcast platforms. Do you know where she can get a transcript of it?

        P.S. You might check out my podcast too, Electric Ladies Podcast of women innovators in the energy, sustainability, climate and ESG space. https://electricladiespodcast.com/podcast/

        • Joseph Lee

          Hi Joan,
          A while back we attempted to provide transcripts. Between the specialized jargon and unusual references, as well the bounty of ahs, umhs, and incomplete sentences, it did not make sense in written form. Eventually, we found they required so much specialized editing we could not add that to our list of tasks.
          Sorry~ Joseph


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