MILKMAID REVELATIONS: Jung’s erotic stamp collection

Apr 1, 2021

Swiss Jungian scholar Jager Schmallzenburger has recently released news of the discovery of Jung’s erotic stamp collection. Found tucked into the wall behind a bookcase, the box of stamps features provocatively rendered images of milkmaids from countries around the world. The milkmaid, symbolic of the archetypal feminine in the flower of fulsome youth, has long been prominent in the mythopoetic imagination of man. No one had previously realized that Jung, in addition to his many other interests, was also a passionate philatelist, and his dedication to the image of the milkmaid puts a decidedly Jungian stamp on this universal and compelling image. Although Schmallzenburger is currently engrossed in researching the images comprising The Milkmaid Collection, various Jungian journals are vying for publication rights. Interest is high and Schmallzenburger’s findings and photographs are expected by the end of the year.

Here’s the dream we analyze:

“I am running down a back ally and see a slightly opened door. I’m running for my life and jump inside bolting the door behind me. Inside it’s the back room of a smoky bar. I try to walk confidently through the room to find the front door. A short, bearded man in a three-piece suit looks intensely at me while he slowly pulls a huge blunt out of his pocket. It’s at least 8 inches long and really thick. He nods and asks if I’d like a hit. I’m tempted but I need to get out the door. He places the blunt on a small low table and takes out a cigar knife, just like my grandfather’s, and chops off the tip of the blunt. For some reason, I feel faint. As he clamps the blunt in his teeth, I run out the door. I’m home in the kitchen with my fiancé but now she looks different having gained a huge amount of weight. I sit at the dining table while she slowly peels a banana – strip by strip. It takes forever but I keep staring at it. All pealed now she smiles. I know she’ll make me a banana split. She walks to the counter, winks, and throws it in the blender. I scream and try to turn off the blender but it’s too late. I’m upset and try to leave but long black ropes wrap around my leg and pull me across the kitchen floor. There’s a huge hole in the floor. The strands pull me in. I know I’ll drown so I fight real hard. I wake covered in sweat.”


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  1. Natalie

    1 April right ? 🙂

    • Simon Huggins

      This had me chuckling (and laughing out loud) all the way through. It was taking a bit of a poke at how people can see Jungian analysis, and you really played caricatures of each others foibles really well. Was this practiced, because if not, you guys should be doing Jungian improv on the stage! Enough pulling on the teats, already!

      • Joseph Lee

        Thanks Simon. We had a basic outline and improvised about 90% of it. Great fun and glad you enjoyed it!

    • Sam Tran

      ‘Once upon a time there were three mischievous trolls…….’
      Took me three listens and a read, brilliant ????????????

  2. Zoe Martin

    Guys is this episode an April fools?? I found it so strange today! Love your podcast but thinks episode seemed so phallic, I don’t know it was a strange one

    • Joseph Lee

      It was indeed our April Fools episode.

  3. Mamie Krupczak Allegretti

    Oh I am very much looking forward to the publication of these little stamps! Hmmm… behind a bookcase? With all the books Jung had, he probably didn’t look back there much!!! 🙂 🙂

  4. Pam Battey

    The three of you snarking at each other as well as the topic…has to be April Fools!

  5. Jo Marie Thompson

    Ahahahaha!! April Fools?? You had me increasingly puzzled and concerned right to the end…. ????

  6. SDM

    April Fools Day. Phew! But what a way to wake up this morning listening to podcast #157, “Milkmaid Revelations”. I pinched myself to see if I was awake and needed to exert energy to dodge my way through a “story” marked by the TJL Pun Pasture with the sizable cow pies impeding my path toward consciousness. You rascals had me googling Herr Schmallzenburger who seems to have sunk into the slough of the internet unconscious: google…gurgle…
    It’s time now to go back to sleep for a normal nightmare about blunts and bananas. Happy April Fools’ Day to you three!

  7. Todd

    Milchmädchen… yes, that’s well known archetype. I heard the stamps were in a safe deposit box in his Bundesbank.


  8. Mamie Krupczak Allegretti

    Perhaps you have more of an interest in Jung’s erotic stamps than Jung had! Poor Dr. Jung! He couldn’t even have some private erotic stamps! I mean they were behind a bookcase!!! I think Schmallzenburger will milk it for all it’s worth though! 🙂 🙂

  9. Karen Perkins

    50/50 on this. AprilFools, possibly? I still sense a negative mother animus with Jung. Milkmaid stamps really is not that alarming to me. I definitely could see this as possible manifestation of that. He’s human after all and had a non conventional relationship with women. But the presentation of the podcast was unusual. You guys weren’t you’re normal selves (persona).

    • Jean

      I found it all very believable, I grew up on a farm with a dairy,
      and happened to be making passionfruit curd as I listened.

  10. Susan Irvine

    Beautiful April’s Fool’s gag – love the self-ironizing among the three of you!

  11. Roderick Mackenzie

    The perfect antidote for someone immersed in an intense scholastic life.

  12. Bertrand Moullier

    There was a scholar named Schmallzenburger
    And he could not have been any pruder
    He thought he had it made
    Till he glimpsed that milkmaid
    And was henceforth renamed Lewdenburger

  13. LAB

    I always knew Deb had a dry wit.

    Jokes aside, if you want to see a compelling (and very disturbing) play on the erotic milkmaid theme in more contemporary culture, watch the opening scene of the movie Shoot ‘Em Up, starring Clive Owen. Very unsettling.

  14. Travis Bryant

    I spent so much time searching online for erotic milkmaid stamp images. I should have checked here first. (By the way, I would not recommend searching online for erotic milkmaid stamp images).

    • LAB

      Me too! I also regretted my decision to look.

    • Karen Perkins

      Same. I also searched Jung and the Milkmaid series. I was a fool for a whole day.

      • Jean

        It seems I’m very gullible.

        Perhaps because I’ve been having a lot of cow dreams lately, but I feel really foolish, and discomfort, that I felt such empathy for Deb milking all those cows.

        How interesting ????

  15. Karen Perkins

    Simply the best April Fools laugh ever! Firstly, I didn’t even realize it was April 1, which made the surprise more delightful. And secondly, it was so good I forced my husband, who knows nothing about Jung, archetypes, symbols, etc., to listen, and even he got a good laugh. Thanks for this little surprise. Best April Fools ever!

  16. Susan

    I marvel at your energy (libido city!). What a riot – & a hilarious gift – that you took the time to do this. “The Bovinian Dimension”… “The curds – AND the whey of course”… Lisa sloshing Joseph’s ideas big time… and “living in his father’s basement since he was 15.” OMC, I mean G

  17. Amanda Wray

    This is so funny – I loved it!


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