Dec 17, 2020

A painting of the Madonna and child illustrates the archetype of the divine child.
Madonna and Child by an anonymous Northern Italian Artist

Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be unto all people.

Luke 2:10

The divine child appears when least expected, new potential born from the womb of the unconscious. Helpless and blessed and against all reason, the divine child represents the creative union of opposites that births a new beginning. Every new beginning is a divine child, and mythological revelations since ancient times greet new psychic potential with awe and adoration. Miraculous birth signals initiation into individuation, and the preordained destiny of sacred and heroic figures across cultures and through time is also our own.

The lives of Moses, Jesus, Buddha, Heracles, Horus and Ganesha portray a Guiding Self sustaining them through the hard human work of growing toward wholeness. Jung says, “You open the gates of the soul to let the dark flood of chaos flow into your order and meaning. If you marry the ordered to the chaos you produce the divine child, the supreme meaning…” 

Here’s the dream we analyzed:

“I am perched high on a cliff looking down on a horrifyingly beautiful sight. There is a rugged coastline with clear blue water that is inexplicably and immensely deep immediately at the shoreline. Just off the shoreline there are monstrously large (dinosaur comes to mind) sea creatures resembling otherworldly breeds of whale and shark that appear to be dead- floating perfectly still and suspended in the deep, clear water.”


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  1. Todd

    I think that the “baby du jour” is Baby Yoda….in the new Star Wars serial “Mandolorian.” Yoda of course was the great master of the Jedi order, master of Luke Skywalker and Ben Kenobi and represented the conscious center of the force (now long dead at this time in the saga). He lived to be about millennium …far longer than all other beings. Baby Yoda is the new perhaps reincarnated Yoda which calls to mind alot of what mystics and even Jung have been saying that we are the verge of a new Aion..and are moving to a new consciousness…. a process that would take hundreds of years. Edinger said Jung said 600? Perhaps that is apocryphal….

  2. Jamie

    The divine child is already among us, manifesting a functional psyche of the modern material world, and honing a culturally relevant ego and desire. His chrysalis will complete this year, at the age of 29, and his presentation to the world will represent a new beginning; not one mired in religious or cultish dogma, but of resounding faith embedded in practicality, and scientific ideals that carry our race in the material realm to higher purpose and function. The end to wars and hunger among nations is nigh, replaced only by psychical internecine to quell the hunger for spiritual actualization. Mistake this not for idyllic existentialism – the battle within will be the hardest yet.

    • Kristie Lynne Collins

      Look the divine light has only just been born so ai don’t think 29 years is the right age and probably closest to the age of the ones who bore her. Just my suggestion maybe start at night and close your eyes to oncoming headlights but you must stand where it shines through you so you don’t lose that from within. It’s a delicate process most know nothing of but if you put your mind to it and the belief in something greater than that you seek then you will find a divine bundle of joy as well. Everyone was given the ability to reproduce but you just got to find the right time in your life to call upon that which is greater than the one called upon on. When you truly find this I suggest it if does not belong return it and it you see just an inch of being speaking to you through the other person then you found that of whom have the ability to create divine light which when called out by name is Divinity.

  3. aguilarangela222000@gmail.com

    Joshua and Jeremiah
    Created from the Hand. Of God
    The hand of God..

  4. Christine Allen


  5. Christine Allen


    Amazingly ..good to know


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