VISIONARY IMAGINATION: Jung’s private journals

Nov 26, 2020

Photo Credit: Joseph Lee
Jung’s Black Books with Sonu Shamdasani Ph.D.

We welcome Sonu Shamdasani, PhD, scholar and historian of depth psychology and Jung’s opus. His research and expertise were instrumental in bringing Jung’s Red Book to the public in 2009. Jung’s Black Books, the journals in which he recorded “my most difficult experiments,” have just been published. We discuss Jung’s encounters with figures and images from his psychic depths–experiences foundational to Jung’s subsequent work and which opened a portal to humankind’s imaginal mind and mythic substrata.

The Philemon Foundation, which Dr. Shamdasani co-founded in 2003, is dedicated to bringing forward more of Jung’s unpublished manuscripts and correspondence—and now needs your financial support to continue bringing Jung’s vital ideas to the world. Please click on the link below to learn more about the Philemon Foundation and how to support its work. 

 How You Can Help:

You can help bring CG Jung’s unpublished manuscripts to press by donating here: https://philemonfoundation.org/donate/


The Black Books may be purchased at a discount: https://philemonfoundation.org/purchasing-philemon-series-books/


Learn to Interpret Your Own Dreams: https://thisjungianlife.com/enroll/ 


  1. Marion Rollings, PhD

    Can you please provide the reference to the article Sonu mentions that he will
    Send you that you were planning to list in the podcast notes?

  2. Stephen Hanvey

    Another excellent podcast, so illuminating on how much more of Jung’s work there is to be brought into the public domain. Daunting and exciting! Thanks to everyone at Philemon working to shrink “the iceberg” so the refreshing water released can be better circulated and to This Jungian Life for its invaluable contribution.

  3. Dr. Freddie Taborda

    Thank you for this podcast and, especially to Prof. Sonu Shamdami and the Philemon Foundation! I decided to and made a finacial contribution to the Philemon Foundation.

  4. Julia Noakes

    Thank you so much for this wonderful podcast


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