Jung, UFOs & Aliens: the truth is out there!

May 14, 2020


The Pentagon recently released a film of a UFO made by Navy pilots. Although such credible documentation is new, UFO sightings go back to ancient times and surged after World War II. 

Interstellar travel then seized the collective imagination, and the ongoing abundance of books, television shows and films signals the emergence of a new mythology. In his treatise “Flying Saucers,” Jung took a phenomenological stance, acknowledging experiences of sightings without concretizing them as physical or dismissing them as fictional. 

Alchemists projected psyche onto matter at a time when its transformational properties inspired reverence and awe. Today, no matter what other truths are out there, UFOs reach “beyond the realm of earthly organizations and powers into the heavens, into interstellar space, where the rulers of human fate, the gods, once had their abode in the planets…”


“I’m in a Catholic Church that is crumbling down with my mother and a priest. At the bottom of the building there are some wooden boxes and there is a big, brown female marsupial there. I am told by the priest to kill her, but I don’t want to, so instead I hit her repeatedly on the head with a book.  At some point she reacts and moves. She does not attack me but opens her mouth like a vagina, and before leaving she tells me: At least you won’t have kids that make you older and make you fat. She departs and I feel somehow relieved to have some definition about the topic of having children or not.”


Jung, C.G. Flying Saucers: A Modern Myth of Things Seen in the Skies(Amazon).

Harper, Patrick. Daimonic Reality: A Field Guide to the Otherworld (Amazon).

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  1. Bonnie

    You asked us to mention books or movies about aliens, and I’ve always remembered the book “Childhood End,” where the aliens look like devils. The aliens seem to be good, but won’t let themselves be seen throughout most of the book, and only after they basically have control over the earth, they reveal themselves. And when the narration tries to puzzle out what it means, how they look, and somebody suggests maybe it was a premonition.

  2. Larissa

    The Arrival as already mentioned in the cast. What I find most intriguing is how language alters the understanding of time, and the interaction of the self with time (and those immediate). I feel it speaks a lot to the potential evolution of the translation of unconscious symbolism to conscious thought and understanding (especially given that we have had no common contact with, or knowledge of, aliens).
    I would like to think that we are only in our mind’s infancy, and there is much, much more to come if we are open, receptive, and avoid destruction at our own hand.
    Perhaps we are unaware of the great gift of mind that we have and where it may lead. Perhaps technology and being a star-faring civilization was not meant for us, especially given that thus far it has only given us paths to complete annihilation (which we force ourselves to ignore).
    Love in the void of chaos.

  3. Justus

    Ender’s Game is a lovely film exploring Alien life and advancements in technology. A series that really impacted me was Black Skies released in the 90’s. Enjoy!


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