Episode 78 – Infertility: when the mother archetype fails to constellate

Sep 26, 2019


Hey TJL Fans,

There’s a great Jungian conference in Minneapolis MN this November 1 & 2.  Here’s a link to the flyer and since it’s by ‘invitation only’ just say, “This Jungian Life sent me” and you’re in! https://irsja.org/irsja-invitational-conference/

We three will be attending and if you see us be sure to say hello.


Lisa, Deb, & Joseph

INFERTILITY: When the Mother Archetype Fails to Constellate

Medical technology has given the problem of fertility a scientific veneer. Our Promethean ability to manipulate gestational mysteries has wrested power from what was once the domain of the gods. Fulfillment of the promise of pregnancy seems to lie within reach, although it may entail incurring financial debt and enduring intense emotional cycles of desire, hope and disappointment. Holding the tension between the fire of psychic activation and physical incarnation is an age-old theme. Many fairy tales begin with a couple going to great lengths to fulfill their longing for a child, only to then confront the shadow aspects of desire. Human fertility is not limited to the physical gestation of a baby. Its essence, creativity and futurity, also includes ideas, energy, and goals. New life does not come from the conscious side of the personality alone.


“I’m visiting a childhood friend and his Father. He has joined the military, and killed a lot of People, which has led to a nasty drinking habit. We drink together. He has formidable skills with a rifle. We wrestle together (for fun). I win. I give him a piece of advice: “make sure you know why you kill People before you kill them” the Dream ends when I realize I can’t drive home because I’ve been drinking. Considering a taxi, but too expensive.”

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