VAMPIRES: the dark seduction of immortality

Aug 14, 2018

Photo Credit: Sander Sammy via Unsplash

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Twilight, TrueBlood­­–Vampires have been an enduring staple of popular entertainment for centuries, captivating audiences with their supernatural abilities, seductive allure, and dark mysteries. However, from a Jungian perspective, vampires are much more than mere figments of our imagination or mythological creatures. They represent a rich and complex archetype that reveals deep truths about the human psyche, its desires, fears, and struggles.

Images of vampires have undergone a significant transformation throughout history. Traditionally, they were portrayed as monstrous, undead creatures that fed on human blood to sustain their immortality—often depicted as evil, seductive, and dangerous, preying on innocent victims and spreading disease and death. However, as society and culture evolved, so did the vampire archetype. Today, vampires are often portrayed as romantic and even heroic figures, struggling with their inner demons and seeking redemption for their sins.

The evolution of the vampire archetype reflects the changing attitudes of our culture towards power, sexuality, and the shadow. In the past, vampires represented the dark, repressed aspects of the human psyche, the shadow that threatened to devour our souls if left unchecked. They embodied the taboo desires, instincts, and fears that society deemed unacceptable and punished harshly. However, as our culture became more permissive and individualistic, the vampire became a symbol of rebellion, empowerment, and liberation. Vampires became the ultimate rebels, challenging the status quo and subverting social norms.

At the heart of the vampire archetype lies the theme of immortality and the fear of death. Vampires represent our deep-seated desire to transcend our mortal limitations, to conquer death, and to achieve eternal life. However, they also symbolize our fear of death, the terror of the unknown, and reluctance to let go of the familiar and embrace the new. By feeding on human blood, vampires defy the natural order of life and death and challenge our beliefs about what is possible and what is forbidden.

Furthermore, the vampire archetype reflects our conflicted relationship with the feminine and the feeling function. In many vampire stories, the female characters are portrayed as the object of desire, the source of life and sustenance for the male vampires. This dynamic represents the traditional patriarchal culture that objectifies and devalues women, reducing them to mere objects of male desire. However, in more recent vampire stories, the female characters have assumed more agency and power, challenging the traditional gender roles and asserting their autonomy and sexuality.

The vampire is a rich and multifaceted symbol that reflects our deepest desires, fears, and struggles. It speaks to our yearning for immortality, our fear of death, our conflicted relationship with the feminine, and our evolving cultural attitudes towards power, sexuality, and the shadow. Moreover, by studying the transformation of the vampire archetype over time, we can gain insights into the cultural and psychological dynamics that shape our collective psyche and influence our individual lives.


“This is a repeating dream. I am still at school but have reached well into middle age. I am unwilling to stay there, unwilling to study or sit for any exams, as I have already qualified as a nurse. I wish to go and secure a job.”


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  1. artemis

    Vampires could represent the eternal soul that lives IN the blood of the ancestors…..an archetype now missing entirely from our culture….a demonized archetype.

    • Day Dreamer

      This is my second dream about being chased by vampires. I am successful in outrunning or hiding from them. A whole group of them. I have to cross a room of them to get to my bedroom. I run through the room and shut the door behind me – slamming it shut in face of a male vampire. I thought I was safe but the vampire instantly appeared through an opposite door. At this point I knew there was no escape. I knew no matter what I did this vampire had more power than me. I agreed to be bitten. The vampire held my hand. The vampire was very gentle and concerned about my fear of being bitten. So we looked for a place where I would feel comfortable and relax about it. We couldn’t find anywhere suitable – he said there are lots of places where men could not go – so I suggested my house. I was still afraid and then I woke up.


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