Episode 9 – Vampires

Aug 14, 2018

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Twilight, True Blood. Vampires are perennial stars in popular entertainment. How can we understand vampires psychologically, and what does their tremendous popularity tell us about our culture? This week, we look at the transformation of the vampire archetype, explore how vampires live in all of us psychologically, and trace the return of the feeling function in modern vampire images.

Here’s the dream we analyze: This is a repeating dream. I am still at school but have reached well into middle age. I am unwilling to stay there, unwilling to study or sit for any exams as I have already qualified as a nurse. I wish to go and secure a job.”


  1. artemis

    Vampires could represent the eternal soul that lives IN the blood of the ancestors…..an archetype now missing entirely from our culture….a demonized archetype.

    • Day Dreamer

      This is my second dream about being chased by vampires. I am successful in outrunning or hiding from them. A whole group of them. I have to cross a room of them to get to my bedroom. I run through the room and shut the door behind me – slamming it shut in face of a male vampire. I thought I was safe but the vampire instantly appeared through an opposite door. At this point I knew there was no escape. I knew no matter what I did this vampire had more power than me. I agreed to be bitten. The vampire held my hand. The vampire was very gentle and concerned about my fear of being bitten. So we looked for a place where I would feel comfortable and relax about it. We couldn’t find anywhere suitable – he said there are lots of places where men could not go – so I suggested my house. I was still afraid and then I woke up.


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