Episode 6 – Alcoholism

Aug 14, 2018

Is alcohol dependence a misplaced expression of a spiritual thirst, or a collapse into a regressed and infantile state? We discuss Jung’s involvement in the establishment of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Jung’s letter to Bill W.


Here’s the dream we analyze: “I’m accused of something I’m guilty of: loving the pharaoh’s daughter as she was my own. There are pictures and notebooks on my bag that prove it. So I’m dismissed from my post as guard. I end of on the floor; they paint my face black. The pharaoh and the other guard go through my stuff. On several occasions, they are about to find the proof that I’m guilty, but there are a lot of other notebooks and books in my bag, so they don’t find the incriminating ones.”


  1. artemis

    Significant Events in the History of Addiction Treatment and Recovery in America 1750 to Early 1800sAlcoholic mutual aid societies (sobriety “Circles”) are formed within various Native American tribes. Some are part of, or evolve into, abstinence-based Native American cultural revitalization movements and temperance organizations.The Washingtonian Society, organized by and for “hard cases,” will grow to more than 600,000 members before its precipitous decline in the mid 1840s. Many local Washingtonian groups are replaced by a new social institution — the Fraternal Temperance Society, some of which are organized exclusively for “reforming” men. I disagree with the dominance of christianity (AA is almost always held at a church–no pressure!)Different cultures have different spiritual needs…..The ONE god, is inadequate, for example…..In Nazi Germany, the one god model failed the people , and WOTAN woke in a rage….had they access to their ancestral gods, this may have been tempered.

    • Joseph23455

      Powerful and complicated dynamics unfold in the cultural efforts to stem Alcoholism. Thank you for sharing your knowledge Artemis.
      ~ Joseph


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