Episode 32 – Slobs

Nov 8, 2018

What happens when one is held captive by the mud of messiness? We try to understand sloppiness as a defense against overwhelming emotions, ongoing enmeshment in the primal maternal matrix, a regression to a younger and less differentiated self, and a tendency to overvalue objects as compensation for an inadequate ability to symbolize.

Here’s the dream we discuss:

“I am swimming in an indoor public pool with others when waves begin to occur for no apparent or antecedent reason. I am in a pool that shouldn’t have waves. As the waves begin to bob me around, the water level rises dramatically, quickly. The water reaches nearly to the top of a cinderblock retaining wall that is protecting a sunny, sacred green forest glade with a shrine far down below. Another person I don’t recognize, also male about my age begins to chip away at the retaining wall, cracking, crumbling it until it gives way. Darkness rushes in violently, and I awake to see myself in the third person floating in dank, dark blue, murky water that is endless in form and size. A graphic overlay of five hearts (much like a Zelda video game’s heart display) is shown on top of me as I float, alive but ultimately devoured by the flood.”


  1. Linda Skarrup

    excellent commentary about a “messy and complicated subject” (disorder)? I wonder, does it also leads to addiction? I agree, that these situations are an indication of much deeper issues and possibly/probably suffering!

    • Joseph23455

      Hi Linda,
      Disorganization and “messiness” does not lead to addiction but it can be a co-occurring problem. Both addiction and messiness suggest the ego is compromised and needs help.
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

  2. Tyson

    Your dream analysis sounds very close despite not being familar with that specific video game series. The Zelda games starts with 3 or 4 hearts as the max number you can hold and as the game progresses, you get more hearts until you end the game with 12 or more hearts. 5 hearts can show he’s at the beginning of the adventure. When an enemy hits you, you temporarily lose a heart and if you lose all hearts you die. Still having 5 hearts shows that the dreamer is not anywhere close to oblivion or ego-death and he’s still healthy. There are also underwater temples in Zelda games where the player solves puzzles by controlling the water flow. The hearts disappear when the player has conversations with game characters then reappear in order to tell you, it’s time to stop talking and take action.

    • Joseph23455

      Thank you Tyson. Your comments are a great example of the need for the analysand to be in the room and providing context for an interpretation to be most relevant.


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