Dec 9, 2021


The crocodile and its alligator cousin appear regularly in the dreams of people far from warm, wet habitats. In ancient Egyptian mythology, the divine crocodile Sobek was honored, especially at riverbanks, the threshold of land and water. The Egyptian earth god Geb was depicted as a crocodile guarding the gateway to the underworld. Thresholds mark the entry to the unknown, a realm where usual rules do not apply—an apt parallel to the boundary between the ego and the unconscious. Primordial force, seemingly submerged in psyche’s ancient riverbeds, can erupt to drown, dismember and devour the ego’s claim to autonomy. Moments of dissolution in trauma or periods of psychosis have power as crushing as the crocodile’s terrible teeth and gaping maw. The unconscious source of consciousness also has the power to consume it. Crocodile is danger, death, and life’s relentless urge to realize itself. 

We Analyze Several Crocodile Dreams To Explore A Variety Of Ways The Archetype Presents.


Erich Neumann. The Great Mother, translated by Ralph Manheim https://www.amazon.com/dp/0691166072/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_DBFKM4HWBS5VAK5N8W4P

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  1. Mamie Allegretti

    Hello Joseph, Deb and Lisa,
    I really really enjoyed this format of discussing dreams with the same archetype! It would be great if you could do more like this with other archetypes! Also, on the last dream, I was thinking that perhaps the crocodiles represented a killing of her regressive restoration of the persona. She says that in real life she has had some major transformations and perhaps breaking old patterns and images of who she is. Perhaps the dream ego is taking pleasure in this now encouraging her to keep moving forward. I just finished rereading Symbols of Transformation, so I have regression on the brain! Thanks again for a great episode!


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