Episode 23 – Indecision

Sep 6, 2018

Many people have difficulty making decisions, whether large or small. Among other factors, the psychology behind the fear of making a decision can be related to fear of making a mistake, lack of motivation, suppressed anger and aggression, and difficulty accepting the limitations and ordinariness of adulthood.

We reference the work of Jungian analyst James Hollis.

Here’s the dream we discuss:

Last night I had what felt like an important dream. I was in a big new house. In one room I was just waking up with the cousin who is closest to me. The room was dark and filled with shadows. The other room was filled with light and I saw a woman waiting for me to wake up. We had both gone to the kitchen and as she got closer she was a girl I had a crush on in high school in very much detail. In high school I was always afraid to come talk to her—now she was coming to me. She was wearing my boxers and tank top and saw me and went right to the fridge and pulled out some tea. One of her friends was there too, whom I knew but didn’t know too well. We were all talking and having fun but with me and her, we kept looking at each other, drinking tea and coffee. I had the sense that something great is coming into my life.”


  1. lucas

    I am interested

    • charlotte hastings

      … just to add cooking food is of course our first taste of alchemy, inspiring our creative potential …

  2. Danny

    Brilliant. Thank you. At the moment I’m stuck – to the point of not even doing any housework.

    • Joseph23455


      • Ellis

        Lovely radiating voices breathing light on the shadow realms – thanks.

        Does affordable Jungian analysis exist?

  3. Brian Herman

    It would be nice if you made your episodes downloadable in Mp3 files for those of us who would like to listen without a wifi or cellular signal.

    • Joseph23455

      We’ll look into it.
      Thanks for taking the time to offer a suggestion.
      Lisa, Deb, & Joe

  4. Charlotte Hastings

    Each time I listen, I think this is the best episode, touching me the most… but this time, I think it might be the one!?! I can’t decide. I was most interested to hear you talk about desire and the difference between this and appetite. I wonder if an episode on our relationship with food, how this relates to our development, our libido and our relationship to the world of others, might be interesting to follow…?

  5. carol mcbride

    An avoidance of mourning. Change + loss conflated. Such a powerful episode. Thank you all.

    • Lisa Marchiano

      Thanks for your comment. This was one of my favorite episodes to record.


  6. Stephanie Panayi

    A wonderful episode. Thank you. I particularly like the reference to the gradient from Jung’s autobiography. I can very much relate to that – when the time is right, what before seemed like a vague or even undesirable possibility can then appear like a “but of course!” moment. Perhaps, until that time, we are processing a lot in the background that helps us make the shift – like what Joseph refered to about underlying hate, or maybe there are predjudices etc that need to be cleared. Lots to think about 🙂


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