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In an audio file that is yours to download, Joseph will lead you through a guided meditation that will invite your dreaming self to supply a dream of guidance on an issue about which you may feel confused or uncertain. Sometimes, the unconscious will not respond to such requests — it has its own priorities for us that may be completely different than those we hold consciously. However, sometimes such an invocation brings just the healing wisdom we need.


To make life easier, we’re offering payment terms in 4 installments of $156.

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Subsequent installments will be charged automatically at 3 month intervals.

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Do I need to have previous experience working with dreams?
No previous experience is necessary. Your Jungian guides will provide resources, and your fellow travelers will support you.
When does the course start?

Dream School starts the moment you sign up. You will immediately have access to the first three months of materials. You can get started immediately, working your way through the audio discussion, the written exercises, and the readings. The monthly livestream Q&A’s cover a variety of topics and are pertinent no matter where you are in the program.

What if I don’t remember my dreams?

We will teach you some techniques that will help you remember your dreams. You can also ask questions and receive help at the Forum and during the monthly Q&A.

What if I can’t make the Live Q & A?
The Q & A will be recorded and made available for later listening or review.
Will you teach me how to lucid dream?
Dream School’s purpose is to help people understand and work with their dreams, not to preference a particular type of dream.
Do I have to complete every exercise?

We want the written exercises to be a resource for deepening into dialogue with yourself—an opportunity to access your own intuition, reverie, and reflective mind. If it does not serve this purpose for you, you will still be able to understand and benefit from each month’s module, Q & A and/or peer group learning.

Do I need to be familiar with the work of Carl Jung or with psychology in general?
The only prerequisite for Dream School is an interest in dreams. We will explain and teach relevant Jungian concepts and ream interpretation techniques in an understandable way.

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Good question. With the exception of the monthly livestream, the materials in Dream School are available to you at any time, so you can work through them at your own pace. Each module focuses on a different topic and offers a variety of resources to help you deepen your understanding.

Dream School is a bit like a buffet. There’s a lot to choose from. You can choose a lot or a little. It’s up to you. You can benefit from Dream School and get something out of it even if you just spend two to three hours per month. If you take advantage of all of the offerings, you will wind up spending around 10 to 12 hours per month. 

Below are some sample ways you might move through the material.

Two to Three Hours Per Month
Listen to the audio Discussion (1 hour).

The audio Discussion is an hour-long podcast with Lisa, Deb, and Joe that covers the main topic in a conversational but structured format. There is a full transcript of the Discussion to allow for easy review.

Complete the written assignments (1 hour).

The written assignments give you a chance to practice the skill being covered. You can post on the community Forum to give and receive feedback. 

Ten to Twelve Hours per Month

In addition to listening to Discussion and completing the exercises, you may also choose to take advantage of the other offerings on the buffet.

Attend the monthly livestream Q&A (2 hours).

Questions can be submitted in advance and all livestreams will be archived, so if you can be present, you can still benefit. 

Read the monthly Musings (1 hour).

We offer our own personal thoughts and experiences on the topic covered in the module. 

* Complete the suggested readings (1 hour).

Dream School uses three main texts written by Jungian analysts. Each offers a slightly different perspective. We assign short excerpts each month. 

* Read the assigned essay by Jung along with supplemental materials developed by TJL (2 hours).

For those who would like more of a challenge, we recommend key writings by C. G. Jung along with our guidance for reading the essay to get the most out of it. 

* Give your interpretation of the monthly Dreamatorium dream and share it in the Forum (1 hour).

Every month, we offer a dream for you to interpret. You can share your interpretation in the Forum and see what others are thinking. 

* Participate in a virtual dream group (2 hours).

Dream School offers a space for you to connect with other Dream School students to create your own virtual dream groups. 

* Interact with other Dream School students on the community Forum (1 hour). 

The Forum is a lively, supportive community of others interested in dreams and the inner life. 

All you need to engage in Dream School is a computer or smartphone with an internet connection. You will be able to print materials if you wish.

One important note — some Dream School participants have had difficulty accessing the course when using the DuckDuckGo browser. So far, we have not found a reliable solution to this problem. Please be aware that you might have to use a different browser when visiting the Dream School website.


Since we deduct payments quarterly you may cancel your subscription at any time prior to the next quarter. Subscription cancelation also forecloses further access to the website when the current quarter ends. We cannot offer refunds midway through any quarter.