ECLIPSE: archetype of awe, wonder, and triumph

Apr 18, 2024


Art Credit: Jano Tantongco, jano.tantongco@gmail.com


Encountering a total eclipse can evoke a primal connection to nature and the infinite, constellating a deep sense of belonging to the universe and each other.

Solar eclipses captivate and draw us into their path, awakening a sense of awe and existential insight. They remind us of nature’s immense power and the transience of our existence. During eclipses, animals and plants exhibit strange behavior, and our fascination with astrology and celestial influences reflects a universal curiosity to understand the mysteries of the universe and our place in it.

Historically, eclipses have impacted us profoundly, like suspending warfare demonstrating their instinctive impact. They challenge our normative perceptions, evoking wonder, dread, and the uncanny, leading us instinctively to introspection and transformation. This psychological impact parallels transformative life events, where external upheaval mirrors violent inner states with growth potential.

Encountering a total eclipse evokes a primal connection to nature and the infinite, constellating a deep sense of belonging to the universe and each other. Traditional myths and archetypal stories of eclipses enrich our understanding of transformative phenomena and their capacity to unify us through shared profound experiences. We track, anticipate, and pursue eclipses because they challenge our dull perceptions and expand consciousness. The awe and mystery surrounding them temporarily re-enchant the world, countering our desensitization brought about by technological advances.

Solar eclipses remind us of the vastness of the universe and the interconnectedness of all things. They evoke a sense of wonder and introspection, leading to personal and collective growth and challenging us to reassess our priorities and values. Eclipses parallel transformative life events, revealing the telos of our unique souls and our deep sense of belonging to Life.


“The dream starts in a rundown house. In front of me is an unattractive woman and a good-looking guy making out on a sofa. I get bored and ask if we can go somewhere more interesting. They have evil grins on their face and say yes. We go to an abandoned factory complex and meet an Asian man who follows us deep underground. We climb down a metal staircase, and everything is pitch black. We get to the basement, and there is a dark-robed figure. It says, “It’s good that you came here, but come back tomorrow, and everything will be explained.” The other people I am with are disappointed. We leave the complex, and I go home. The next day, I got a call from the unattractive woman. She asks if I can pick her up for the meeting with a dark-robed figure, and I comply. When we arrive, she asks me not to tell the dark-robed figure she’s with me. I speak with the dark-robed figure, and he removes his hood. It’s my chief from the military, with whom I get along well. We go down to the same basement, and there are many people, all of whom look like fighters. The dark-robed figure, let’s call him K from now on, says I must go first into the ring. My opponent is strong and fit; he’s badmouthing me and saying the fight will be easy. The fight starts, and he kicks me. I grab his leg and make a painful move on him. To not traumatize him, I let go of it. He boasts how I was lucky. K is very disappointed and says that I should have finished the job. I still hear my opponent badmouthing me, and that angers me; I grab a machete off the ground and start whacking my opponent and everyone else in the basement. K, the ugly woman, the guy she made out with, and the Asian man join me. We kill a lot of people in that room and are soaked in blood. K told me that it was finally time for me to meet HIM. K tells us to wait at the dark staircase that leads to the basement. The ugly woman says to me, “Whatever, you don’t look at them.” I hear K’s voice and two other distorted voices talking, but I only hear one set of footsteps walking on metal stairs. The figures start descending the stairs with K. I get a glimpse through the corner of my eye, and I see that one of the figures is smaller and the other bigger. The smaller one approaches me. I don’t look at its face; I only look at its feet and see some sort of dark smoke. The smaller dark figure says to me, “You are interesting,” and tells the other bigger dark figure to approach me. I feel immense pressure around me; the dark figure grabs my chin and says it’s fine to look at him. I look to where its face is supposed to be and wake up.”


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