Lisa & Joseph talk with K. Lee Marks from ‘BE ON AIR’ podcast: We discuss Dream Interpretation, Shadow Work, and Relationships.

Mar 21, 2021

Lisa and Joseph are shown with a caption "dreamwork is compelling because everybody dreams, and the idea that this magical content is being generated by your own psyche, that could in fact, be both curative and supportive and illuminating is a really compelling idea".

We were just interviewed for the “Be On Air” podcast from @thepodcastfarm. We explore dream interpretation, shadow work, and some of the frustrating facets of growing a podcast for the first time.

“Growing your podcast is an internal battle just as much as it is an external one. So understanding self, shadow and what our dreaming subconscious does to balance our awake psyche can be key to developing confidence in your brand and amplifying your truths. This episode dives into the journey of three inspired individuals who share their knowledge of Jungian Psychology and wisdom of life through intimate conversation. In this episode of Be On Air, I interview two of three hosts from This Jungian Life podcast, Joseph R. Lee and Lisa Marchiano. We explore dream interpretation, shadow work, and some of the frustrating facets of growing a podcast for the first time. Interested in This Jungian Life or want to submit one of your dreams? Check it out!” K. Lee Markus


  1. Mamie Krupczak Allegretti

    This was a great podcast. I have tons of ideas for topics! That’s what I love about Jung. He leads you to your spring that never runs dry! And one of the fantastic things about him is that he’s so balanced between the intellectual and the emotional. For us intellectual types, there’s so much to chew on but he helps us to go down deeper to the heart level and inside ourselves, too. Thank you for your work.

  2. Todd

    Does the Mythopoetic men’s movement still exist? I agree that it was getting at something very valid and real and was somehow shamed out of existence at some point. Certainly in today’s atmosphere of incel culture, Qanon, Oathkeepers and Proud boys, the need for mature masculine models and systems is at an all time crisis point. Yet, all i know that is left of it is Jordan Peterson’s retake on it (which although it has its own validity is oft misconstrued by many of Peterson’s followers who take the parts they like (pull yourself up by your bootstraps, make your bed and be proud to be a man) and don’t really get the deeper inner work that needs to occur…. and a few regional programs like Meade’s in Portland and Scruggs in Ohio. Bly is no longer on the scene and Meade seems no longer interested in a national level movement. I reached out to Meade to discuss this at one point but he’s not easy to reach as his team screens his comms pretty well these days. Certainly a topic of perhaps a future episode!

    • K-Lee

      Check out Sacred Sons mens group and the ManKind Project


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