Introducing: MYTHS MORALS & MONEY WITH Berry, Lisa, Deb & Joe. EPISODE 4: Pathogens in the Economy

May 8, 2020

What are the myths that drive our current economic system?

What shadows within us all fuel the overconsumption of this planet?

What new narratives do we need to help us create a new economic system? Exploring our current economic system and planetary crisis through a Jungian lens, join Dumbo Feather magazine co-founder Berry Liberman in conversation with co-hosts, three Jungian analysts from This Jungian Life, Joseph Lee, Lisa Marchiano and Deborah Stewart. Each episode, they will discuss and analyse the myths that drive our current economic system, the shadows within us all that fuel consumerism and overconsumption, and consider the narrative that needs to be created to pivot us to a new economic system, all within the context of what is happening in the world right now.

EPISODE 4: Pathogens in the Economy

What vulnerabilities in our modern systems are being exposed by the global pandemic and how might we use this event to return to truths and become more resilient – and create a more resilient system and society on the other side. What happens when the economy is ground to a halt? Can we think beyond the fear to use this as an opportunity for reorganising? What is the individual and collective opportunity to be found in the global pandemic?

As the global community becomes increasingly fearful of not only the virus, but also of the collapse of the global economic system, is it time to recognise that the system was never serving us in the first place? Our measure of success in the current economic system is way off course and now we have the opportunity to re-assess that, because perhaps what we should actually be measuring is wellbeing.


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  1. Patricia Johnston

    Another excellent episode. Thank you for them all. You are all brilliant and absolutely wonderful to listen to…..so dense and meaningful. I would love to hear more of this kind of conversation with Berry now that we are further down the road with the pandemic. This is an enormously important time for us to look deeply into ourselves, our cultures and economies. I have so many questions right now and very few answers…..perhaps a time of germination?


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