Introducing: MYTHS MORALS & MONEY with Berry, Lisa, Deb & Joe. EPISODE 3: A Revolution of Values

May 4, 2020

What are the myths that drive our current economic system? 

What shadows within us all fuel the overconsumption of this planet? 

What new narratives do we need to help us create a new economic system?

Exploring our current economic system and planetary crisis through a Jungian lens, join Dumbo Feather magazine co-founder Berry Liberman in conversation with co-hosts, three Jungian analysts from This Jungian Life, Joseph Lee, Lisa Marchiano and Deborah Stewart. Each episode, they will discuss and analyse the myths that drive our current economic system, the shadows within us all that fuel consumerism and overconsumption, and consider the narrative that needs to be created to pivot us to a new economic system, all within the context of what is happening in the world right now.

Episode 3: A Revolution of Values

After months and months, the fires in Australia have finally been put out, only to be followed by rains and floods. As groups gather to consider what the climate crisis means for our planet and society, we talk about collective transformation, individual responsibility and a global revolution of values.

“If you are completely destroyed by the world, then the world which destroyed you must be completely transformed, because you looked upon it with the eye that transforms, the eye that contains the germ of what is new.” – C. G. Jung

Is it possible to have a mature acceptance of our reality and still maintain space for creating a new future?

Should we be focussing our energy on our inner healing or on the greater healing of the world?

What images are needed to shift collective priorities towards a new system that will allow life to flourish?

We need to begin to understand the field of influence which we are responsible for tending, whether that is our own internal or local work, or something on a larger scale. And if we do seek to lead a community, we must do it from a place of love, joy and generosity, with no agenda for personal gain. We hold the truth of what is nourishing and regenerative within us, but we need to reconnect with that knowing again.



  1. Jan Hulme Shepard

    THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH! I found this series on This Jungian Life & am joining it tremendously! Where can I go to listen to Episode 1?

    Please continue your important work!
    Jan Hulme Shepard

  2. Patricia Johnston

    I am loving your series of Myths, Morals & Money! I have just listened to Episode 3 and look forward to 4. Each episode is dense and a lot to take in which leaves me uncertain about what I want to say. I will say, however, that I am excited to hear you using the words community and local as I am beginning to think this is where we need to start and perhaps where we are starting. It is fascinating to watch what is happening in our community in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada during the pandemic. Without going into details our community has rallied in amazing ways. I am watching, listening and waiting. I am not sure where to put my energy yet and I know it will go somewhere. I am committed in a deep way. Thank you for your brilliant podcast. It is stimulating and very helpful at this time.

  3. Gabriela


    Loved your podcast!!! Love Erich Neumann, so profound – New Ethic. Seems that is not enough to “know” we need to “implement”.

    Thank you for being there



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