Introducing: MYTHS MORALS & MONEY with Berry, Lisa, Deb & Joe. Episode 2 – How Crisis Creates Change.

Apr 30, 2020

What are the myths that drive our current economic system?

What shadows within us all fuel the overconsumption of this planet? 

What new narratives do we need to
help us create a new economic system? Exploring our current economic system and planetary crisis through a Jungian lens, join Dumbo Feather magazine co-founder Berry Liberman in conversation with co-hosts, three Jungian analysts from This Jungian Life, Joseph Lee, Lisa Marchiano and Deborah Stewart. Each episode, they will discuss and analyse the myths that drive our current economic system, the shadows within us all that fuel consumerism and overconsumption, and consider the narrative that needs to be created to pivot us to a new economic system, all within the context of what is happening in the world right now.

Episode 2: How Crisis Creates Change

As Australia faces its worst bushfire catastrophe in history and smoke blankets the cities and country towns, we discuss what the role of crisis can be in economic and social change. And whether it is possible to dream and create a new vision in the midst of crisis.

Is it possible to find a space for vision when our bodies feel physically and psychologically threatened?

Or can a crisis force us to reconsider how we live

Is this what wakes us up to the reality of our destructive systems?

We need a safe platform to envision a future, but sometimes it takes a real crisis to force us to innovate, because when we’re comfortable, we see no need to change the status quo. The innovation we need right now will not come from ego or cognitive thinking, it will come from the unconscious and from a changing of the human heart. Perhaps, both love and grief can shift our system of values.



  1. Fiona Coates

    Hi, I haven’t listened to this yet, but feel I need to day that the recent fires in Australia are not the worst in history. This continent has a long history, and pre-history, of fire. It’s a complex subject shaped by perceptions of nature and social ideologies.

  2. Myriam Lockhart

    Wow! So gripping. I wish everyone can hear this. I’ve been sharing with the people I know but who knows if they’re ready to hear this. This reminds me of the jungian life podcast from a few months ago regarding climate change and owning the cause of it. Yes,LOVE needs to replace fear.

  3. Gabriela


    Enjoyed very much the Podcast!!!

    Thank you very much



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