ARCHETYPAL INTERPRETATION OF DREAMS: ‘No Small Thing’ podcast hosts interview Lisa & Joseph

Jun 5, 2021

A photograph of No Small Thing podcast hosts Scott Gronholz and Marie. Both wear sunglasses and are shown against a brick wall.
Scott Gronholz & Macie – cohosts of NO SMALL THING podcast

LISTEN HERE: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/149-this-jungian-life-dreams-5/id1383401997?i=1000518625689

The hosts of No Small Thing podcast interview Lisa & Joseph on dreams, gender, fatherhood, and a bunch of Jungian ideas.

“As friends, Scott and Macie became notorious for having long-winded, meandering, *seemingly* pointless conversations. They quickly realized that they needed a place to host their earnest musings formally, and so, because we all live in a post-Serial world, they started a podcast. After a few months of recording, an actual mission of sorts started to emerge. What may have appeared on the surface to be just two friends having “pointless conversations,” underneath it all was a sense of purpose.”

“We are huge fans of This Jungian Life! It’s a podcast where three Jungian analysts talk about life, dreams, and how we grow! We think paying attention to dreams is an excellent way to cultivate curiosity and this crew is some of the best in the game in terms of giving people the tools they need to learn from their dreams! We are so excited to share this conversation with you and hope for many more to come!”


No Small Thing Podcast: https://nosmallthing82509953.wordpress.com/about/


Learn to Analyze your own Dreams:  https://thisjungianlife.com/enroll/

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  1. LAB

    Glad to hear you’re getting more publicity on other podcasts lately! People need to hear what you have to say about dreams, Jung’s ideas, and how to live our lives in more fulfilling ways.


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