Introducing: MYTHS MORALS & MONEY WITH Berry, Lisa, Deb & Joe. Episode 5: Re-Emerging with New Prosperity

Jul 6, 2020

What are the myths that drive our current economic system?

What shadows within us all fuel the overconsumption of this planet?

What new narratives do we need to help us create a new economic system? Exploring our current economic system and planetary crisis through a Jungian lens, join Dumbo Feather magazine co-founder Berry Liberman in conversation with co-hosts, three Jungian analysts from This Jungian Life, Joseph Lee, Lisa Marchiano and Deborah Stewart. Each episode, they will discuss and analyse the myths that drive our current economic system, the shadows within us all that fuel consumerism and overconsumption, and consider the narrative that needs to be created to pivot us to a new economic system, all within the context of what is happening in the world right now.

Episode 5: Re-Emerging with New Prosperity

As we re-emerge from lockdown and stare down the tunnel of an economic recovery funded by fossil fuels, how do we use the learnings of this time to recreate the world? Have we shifted enough as a collective to create a new path forward which will safeguard our future on this planet? What do we do with the learnings and experiences of this time? In this episode we grapple with the fear and anxiety that while we may have changed as individuals, perhaps the world hasn’t changed with us. Together we discuss sitting in the emergence and listening for the answers without ego. We realise that perhaps the key is to find a bridge of shared values that can create the baseline for a new system and new world — can we imagine new paths to prosperity together?


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