Episode 39 – 3 DREAMS with Shrink Rap Radio interview

Dec 27, 2018

David Van Nuys of the venerable psychology podcast Shrink Rap Radio was kind enough to have us on his show. He interviewed us about the podcast, and we had fun discussing dreams that had been sent to us by Shrink Rap Radio listeners.

Thank you, Dave!

Here are the dreams we discuss:

Dream 1: a 45-year-old female artist and journalist

“I am in session with my female psychologist. I am telling her something and she does not know the answer or is unsure of it. So she gets out her black cell phone and makes a call, to a mentor or superior I assume; the next thing, we are standing on a spiral stairs; my psychologist is one or two steps higher than me, and we are both around the middle. On top of the stairs there is a black woman probably in her 60s, very smartly dressed in black. She seems serious but not stern, like someone with natural authority / gravitas. She has a black cell phone and I gather that she is the person my therapist called. She says (the answer is) blue bird (blue jay?). Then I look down at my hands and I see I am holding a blue bird in them.”

Dream 2: a 54 year-old woman with varied work

“I was hiking in the mountain up and down a valley and kept running into bears. I made it back to my cabin and the bears were in my yard and in my house. They were in my daughter’s room, and she was small. I approached to see what might have happened, but the bear seemed to be sitting with her in a play area…then I awoke.”

Dream 3: a 51-year-old female translator and private English teacher

“I am running though dark, unknown desert-like terrain. Falling down and getting up and running again, feeling danger behind. I’m short of breath and I have to run up a steep hill, but I slip to the bottom every time without reaching the top. Though I have the feeling that if I do reach the top I’ll find the important answer.”

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  1. Frances

    When I was listening to the first dream I wondered about the Black Madonna, that Marion Woodman explores, including in this talk



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