Episode 1 – SHITHOLE

Aug 13, 2018


We discuss the symbolic meaning of shit, and shithole, and wonder about shadow projection.  What does Trump’s use of this term have to tell us about his psyche – and ours?

Here’s the dream we analyze: I was in a flooded house. The house had two living rooms. Both were flooded. In one room was a television set with empty birdcages. The water short-circuited the television set and afterward, the birdcages came alive with birds, including a dead bird my mom once had. Also, a cat that ran away was on my lap. In the other room were two other birdcages, one with a stick standing straight up and a baby crow in the other. When I opened the cage with the stick the crow flew away and an open vista with a straight road opened up in front of me.”


  1. Stan Rogers

    Trump is a germaphobe, this is known to the point where he may have admitted it in official interviews or on episodes of The Apprentice. There are a few articles about Trump carrying a bottle of hand sanitizer and using it after rallies and meetings. Being a germaphobe was an inherited trait taught to him by his father who worked as a landlord. This trait furthered his career as a developper, landlord and manager in the luxuey condo/hotel business as cleanliness is highly prized in the hospitality industry. When seeing something he doesn’t like, the President associates the negative thing with dirtiness and therefore, shit.

    • Joseph23455

      Wow – We didn’t know that!


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