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Uncover the secret of your dreams.
Unleash your inner ally.
Achieve personal growth and development.

“Sharing dreams with our online dream group has been incredibly enlivening. It’s been such a supportive space, and the process of dreamwork has put experiences from my waking life in a new light. It’s been very uncanny and mysterious, but deeply powerful. Love your work so much – long live This Jungian Life!”


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These days life is more challenging than ever and our dreams may be more vivid, absurd and downright confusing, but in reality, they are so much more.

Dreams provide us with powerful guidance to navigate complex issues, difficult times and uncertainty—Dream School will teach you to unlock their power.

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“Dream School is the compass that helps me navigate. Without the structure, companionship and guidance it offers, I would be very much more at sea in the unpredictable current of my dream life.”


“Dream School, and This Jungian Life is a great mix of imagination, and practical advice. I’ve referred friends to the TJL podcasts about mastering life stages. This has led to a number of important and deep conversations. In my judgment, many discussions of Jung and his work have “too much air and not enough earth.” Not this one!”

Jim Trivelpiece LMHC

“Until one is committed, there is hesitancy…..Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Begin it now. Once I committed to Dream School, the magic began. Four complete strangers equally committed to Jungian dream interpretation, their own psyches, and each other’s well being, began to explore. My life has been blessed with our weekly meetings ever since. It is the one time in my life when I know I will be with folks who speak their truth, and hear mine, with curiosity, rigor, tolerance and empathy. I’m so grateful to Deb, Lisa and Joseph for the incredibly generous gift they have given us all, and to the forces that mustered behind them, and reached me, once they began Dream School. Begin!”

Christine Willes

“I feel torn between wanting to tell everyone about Deb, Joseph and Lisa and dream school, and keeping them all to myself – sort of like when you’re 18 and find a new band you love! Although I’ve been aware of Jung for years, and been interested in dreams a lot longer, it’s not until I discovered This Jungian Life podcast, and then enrolled in dream school, that I finally started the process of figuring out their meaning. Deb, Joseph and Lisa manage to distill the essence of Jung in a way that you can easily grasp without wading through dense.”

Alison Wright

“In a genuinely entertaining and engaging way Dream School manages to teach us how to reconnect with and understand the astounding poetry and insight that our nightly dreams contain. Deb, Lisa and Joseph in a down to earth, encouraging and impressively professional way make accessible and usable the intellectual and mystical genius that is the work and legacy of Carl Jung. If you are suffering in life you cannot change the hand you have been dealt but you can change how you deal with it. Help is at hand – the dream team trio of This Jungian Life’s Dream School will help you access the river of wisdom that flows through you every night and it will give you the skills you will use for the rest of your life to help transform pain and confusion into meaning and connection with your own soul and others. I love these guys and if I could I’d make this course compulsory, the world would be a much richer place.”